Posted by: sorac | September 13, 2008


Since we started blogging in 2002, there’s a lot of family history in our old blog archive. Every now and then, we’ll repost a favorite from one of the old blogs under “re-runs”. I was reminded of this one the other day while I worked my way through four or five loads that needed to be folded and put away. First posted in September 2004, it’s still funny today.

So I listened to the recording that I did on Garage Band four years ago: (here’s the mp3)

Mom of Constant Laundry

I am a mom of constant laundry
I do laundry every day.
I have to wash my family’s clothing
Without thanks and without pay.
(She does laundry without thanks and without pay.)

I do believe that the laundry doubled
When my first child was born.
Since that day I’ve had three others
And the laundry pile has grown.
(Yes with every child the laundry pile has grown.)

I tell you truly that my husband
Leaves laundry on the floor.
And it seems there’s always kleenex
In the pockets of his shorts.
(He leaves kleenex in the pockets of his shorts.)

I find socks wedged in couches
And under the seat in the car.
No, my kids won’t put ’em in the hamper
They just leave them whereever they are.
(Yes they take them off and leave them where they are.)

I do my laundry early in the morning
I do laundry late at night.
They dirty clothes as fast as I can wash ’em
No there ain’t no end in sight.
(It just seems as if there ain’t no end in sight.)

Yet this world of constant laundry
Come a time, will be no more
Oooh, those robes stay white and spotless
Forever upon that golden shore.
(There’ll be no more laundry on that golden shore.)

…and then I found a YouTube version of Man of Constant Sorrow to listen to.

I need a banjo player.


  1. Here’s the MP3. Sora will need to edit the post, though, since it was under her authorship.

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