Posted by: sorac | September 13, 2008


Isaiah fancies himself a technological whiz. We frequently find him in front of the computer, trying to log himself in with a long string of random characters, or, if someone else has failed to log out, happily clicking the mouse around with abandon. He has perfect faith in the ability of YouTube to come up with whatever he might want to look at, so if one of his parents is using the computer he will point to the screen and insist, “I want a giraffe!” or “I want a tiger!” And he loves Matt’s iPod touch. Yesterday he picked it up from the desk, used the touch-screen to find a picture of himself, held it up to me and asked, “Is this cute?” (I’m afraid it was.)

Adept as the boyo is with technology, however, 10-month-old Hosanna goes a step further. Whenever she can get her hands on the iPod’s cable she tries to dock herself by popping it in her mouth.


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