Posted by: mattcolvin | September 16, 2008


So we just got our electricity back in the last hour. Here are two photos Talia took of the devastation in our immediate neighborhood:

Yes, that tree limb is resting on the lines.

Two doors down. I’m not sure whether the car was OK or not.

We had no school on Monday, so we retreated to my parents’ house to enjoy their hospitality and warm food. Our washing machine was in mid-cycle, and it’s a front-loader, and so it remained locked for three days. The clothes are giving off a very bad smell now, but we hope a couple of magical sanitary cycles will cure the problem. Tomorrow we’ll reclaim our milk from the Brinkerhoffs, who had refrigerator space for us today when we finally caved and admitted that our fridge wasn’t keeping things cold anymore.

Praise God for his mercies to us.


  1. Yeah, my parents got to land in the Cincinnati airport with that…

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