Posted by: taliac | September 17, 2008

More Hurricane Ike

Well, my father seems to have gotten to the computer to post about this before me now we have power again. But I can still add my own thoughts and comments, I suppose.

Our power went out at about 3 o’clock on Sunday, and we got it back at 10:15 last night. Thats about 55 hours without power. Not fun. But…there are compensations. We missed school on Monday, had a late start on Tuesday, and another today, which is why I am sitting at the computer instead of learning about Conceptual Physics.

Although Ike is only a Class 1 Hurricane in our area, he still has done decent damage. For instance, out of the 16 kids in my 9th grade class, 10 were still without power yesterday. About 6 of these were also without hot water. At least 1 of these was without any kind of water. Everyone in the high school had suffered some damage to their house, even if that was only ripped off shingles.

I have made a video for your entertainment and education. Here it is:


  1. Talia, that was nicely done, and awesome to experience. We had a message from an 89 yr. old lady from our church that said it was the worse storm she had ever witnessed and she hoped to experience none like it in the future.

  2. Quick correction: no shingles missing from our house, which escaped damage-free. But then, it’s 100 years old and built to last.

    The shoddy McMansions in the other subdivisions were missing any number of shingles. I’m surprised their cultured stone facades didn’t fly off too.

  3. That’s great, Talia. Hilarious ending.

    So glad your power is back!!

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