Posted by: mattcolvin | September 20, 2008


I think I first became interested in model cars when I saw that my dad had a 1:24 scale resin kit for building a hot-rod on the shelves in the laundry room. (Sort of like how I became interested in Bach by discovering his old LPs and casettes of “Switched-On Bach” hidden away in the closet.) But I was never much into hot rods. A child of the 80’s, I grew up in the golden age of exotic supercars: the years of the Ferrari F40, and Lamborghini Countach and Diablo. There were two particular houses on my paper route that I loved to service: one had a silver 1978 Corvette, and the other, an actual Ferrari — albeit, only a bottom-of-the-line Ferrari 308, and most often tantalizingly hidden under a car cover.

Call it stunted maturity, or just red-blooded maleness, but I still enjoy models of these cars, and have done my best to infect my sons with the car-enthusiast bug too. Aedan and I spent an hour this afternoon touching up the details on a few of our 1:18 cars — my F40 and F50, and his Enzo. (Aedan and I are of different generations, and so we have different opinions about the aesthetics of the Enzo. I think it looks weird and ugly. Aedan thinks it looks “awesome.”)

We painted a black stripe around the F40, painted black trim around its windshield and windows, put yellow badges on the F50’s wheels, and did a thorough makeover of the Enzo’s plain black plastic interior, adding red leather seats and silver buttons on the console. Then Aedan took them outside and did a photoshoot worthy of Road & Track.

I append a few pictures via Photobucket (click for full-size versions) after the “more” break:


  1. It was hard to get model cars out of my system. When I bought my first new car in 1971 (a Datsun 510) I built a 1/25 model of the racing version, which used to beat the BMW 2002s in the CanAm series. I have fond memories of the 1/8 scale Testarossa I built with both my sons. I had never done one that large before.

  2. Dad,

    I recall building a 1/24 scale Testarossa Spyder, and a 1:12 scale Ferrari F40 with you. The F40 was a monster, but I don’t think we ever got as large as 1:8. There are such things, and they’re truly huge.

  3. I think my math skills failed me. The Ferrari (yeah, an F40, “upon further review”) was seemingly four or five times the size of a 1/24 model. One twelfth scale just didn’t seem right.

  4. Yeah, 1:12 is about twice as long and twice as wide as 1:18 (so yes, you could park 4 1:18’s in the footprint of a 1:12) and maybe 2.5 or 3 times as long as 1:24 (the most common resin model scale).

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