Posted by: taliac | September 26, 2008

I am Betrayed. (And Melodramatic.)

I really thought I prefered Warner Brothers to Disney. I really thought I did. *sniff* *whimper* And then on August 14th – a day that I will remember for the rest of my life ( or at least until next summer) they anounced that they would be delaying Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince until next July. This movie was going to be released in November, less than a hundred days away! And now…

They had just given us a wonderful trailer that says, “This Year…” Ha! And it had come out on my birthday,(For those of you who do not know, if I had been born 10 hours later I would share a birthday with Harry Potter and *gasp* J.K. Rowling!! But no. I share a birthday with Neville. But thats alright! I actually really like Neville. I’m fine with that. Really.) Well, anyway, the trailer came out on my 13th birthday and I felt so special, so happy…I was young and naive then. I had yet to come to the realization that some things really are to good to be true. Here is the trailer:

“November!” it says, “November!” And 2 weeks later…And why did they do this apalling and evil act, worthy of Lord Voldemort himself?  Do they not realize the enormity of their monstrous actions? Or do they actually enjoy torturing fans? They state some stupid excuses about how they don’t need the money this year because of Batman, and the writers strike is affecting their 2009 films, and there are gaps for “major tentpole film releases”, whatever that means, and how Harry perfectly fills the gap, etc., etc., ad nauseam. They are really sitting in their offices laughing. How can they have the audacity to claim that they “love Harry Potter as much as all the fans do”? I have to wait for 8 months, when I could be in the theaters before Christmas!! What have I done to deserve this?

No one reading this blog cares, I am sure.

In fact, no one else in my family cares at all. I find this unbelievable. Many of them will be seeing this movie too, eventually! Here are their reactions to my anguished report of the heartwrenching news:

My Dad: Oh. Why aren’t you studying your Hebrew?

My Mom: Why do you care? You know what happens, don’t you?*

My 11 year old brother: They’re making a movie of the Half Blood Prince? Sweeeeeet!

My 6 year old brother: I thought there was only one Harry Potter!

My 4 year old sister: oh. Weeellll, what I did today in my homeschool was, I learned 2 letters!

My 2 year old brother: I WANNA DO OPEN ‘N SHUT THEM, YA-YA!!

My 10 month old sister: ayayayayayaya. adadadadadada. BLLGHGHGH.

* This is the same person who, only a year or two before, was going to midnight releases at Kroger, reading the latest books in about 4.5 maximum hours each, spending countless hours on Harry Potter fan sites reading in depth analytical columns, writing lengthy online essays defending the Christian worldview of the books…


  1. I stand by my answer to your anguished concerns. You should be working on your Hebrew.

    I also think Hosanna had a good point in her answer to you. (She was apparently working on her Hebrew.)

    Far from detecting your mother in hypocrisy, you have omitted to mention that she didn’t care a toss about any of the other HP movies either. It’s all about the books for her, and always has been.

  2. Your mother’s response was somewhat cryptic. If I am interpreting it correctly, she was making reference to certain scatological bumper stickers that comment on the fallenness of this world. Yes?

  3. Well, my mother has seen all the HP movies, at least 4 out of 5 in theaters, has bought all the DVDs for us, and is perfectly willing to sit and watch them with us (albeit only to make snide remarks at SIRIUS’s DEATH SCENE! Talk about heartlessness!) Although she certainly isn’t into the movies, she is most likely going to go see Half Blood Prince in theaters with us.

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