Posted by: sorac | October 9, 2008


What I need to do: Dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and other neglected housework (I was gone from Tuesday morning before 6:00 until after midnight Wednesday), bake some bread, and figure out what needs to be on the grocery list.

What I should do: As much of the neglected housework as I can while Hosanna naps, and then take the kids over to the community center, upgrade our membership to the new option with free childminding, and get some exercise to perk me up.

What I want to do: Crawl back into bed and sleep while Hosanna naps and Isaiah and Naomi trash the house even further. (I was out of the house for the last two days because of two back-to-back births, and got less than two hours sleep Tuesday night and only 5 last night).

What I’m doing: Blogging, of course. You all need a Random Dose of Cuteness today!

Okay, back to the kitchen…


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