Posted by: mattcolvin | October 14, 2008


Sorry for that intrusion of theology. To remedy it, I thought I’d post this nifty video of my favorite supercar, the Koenigsegg CCX, making a Ferrari F430 look like a snail:


  1. Two trivial questions: What is the second root in that car’s name — “egg” or “segg”? And where do you think that landscape is?

  2. Christian von Koenigsegg, the Swede who founded the company at age 22, comes from a family of Swedish blue bloods that were ennobled by the Holy Roman Emperor in the 12th century. (How ya like them apples, Feruccio and Enzo?) The name is German, not Swedish, and comes from Koenig (king) and Segen (blessing or benediction).

    My guess is that the race in the video above took place at Koenigsegg AB’s own company test track in Sweden. Christian apparently held an exotic car track day last year.

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