Posted by: sorac | October 28, 2008


Isaiah is bellowing, “I… AM A Pirate KIIIIING!” as he charges around the house. “It IS, it IS, a GOOORIOUS THING, to BE a PIRATE KIIIIING, tara tara tara tara!” (he doesn’t always stick to just one song at a time)

Naomi comes down the stairs, bleary-eyed, pajamaed, and grouchy. I miss the beginning of her accusatory rant, but come in to the room in time to hear her finishing off, with a scowl, “…and you’re always singing STUPID songs!”

Isaiah, undeterred, replies in his oddly low toddler growl, “But I YIKE toopid songs, Nomi!” (Which makes me laugh, which makes her laugh, which cures the morning grumpies. Hurrah for the Pirate King, HURRAH for the PIIIIIrate KIIIIIING!



  1. Well, I can’t say that I’d enjoy “Pirate King” first thing in the morning, but good for Isaiah for appreciating Gilbert & Sullivan.

    Have y’all seen the Rondstadt/Kline movie version (not stage) of Pirates? It’s great.

  2. I can hear that little rascal right now! He has practiced that song for a long time. I also noticed that his speech seems like ZZ’s with missing initial S’s — a welcome experience for our ears.

  3. We have only seen a couple of scenes from the film on Youtube. But we own a copy of the Kline/Ronstadt stage version, which is pretty awsome, I must say. But the little kids prefer the DVD of the Mars Hill stage version, with people they know (like me!). But it is probably all my fault Isaiah is STILL singing that song 6 months after the performance. I did teach it to him…

  4. Hey, Tal, you might have a career in teaching! He definitely knows it well. I remember him singing it on top of a picnic table in July or Aug.!

  5. He knew it in February, actually. He saw a movie of it twice, then heard the soundtrack a bunch, and then I sang all the songs when I wasn’t in rehearsal, and then he got the DVD of our performance and has watched that dozens of times…

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