Posted by: mattcolvin | November 11, 2008

Motion Induces Slumber

Take one boyo and a sort of a tiny potamus, put them in a stroller and push briskly for 45 minutes, and you get this:

Sleeping Kids

Sleeping Kids



  1. Those two look like lifeless dolls! I like the idea of a bonnet on Hosanna’s head. Her hair is so sparse that she certainly would lose a lot of heat if her head were to be uncovered. My hair has been fine and not thick most of my life, and I like pulling a robe up over the side not resting on a pillow on a cold night -it helps me sleep better.

  2. I notice now that I needed to revise more than my first name, since I can’t be Grandpa Claudia without moving to California probably. Anything goes there, but not here on the Ohio River!

  3. Are you sure you hadn’t just been practicing one of your lectures during that time? Hahaha….

    KIDDING!! 🙂

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