Posted by: taliac | December 22, 2008

Diz-uny Ignorance

The other day, several of my younger siblings received much-needed slippers as christmas gifts from our grandparents. Today, I complemented Isaiah on his slippers. Naomi immediately decided she deserved a similar complement, and made her desire quite clear. 

“What do you think of MY slippers, Talia? Aren’t they PRETTY? With beautiful PRINCESSES on them?

I had just woken up, which of course explains my less-than-charitable mood. I said, ‘Not really. They’re an ugly shade of pink and they have lame Disney Princesses on them. They’re kind of stupid, actually.”

I had completely forgotten this little incident by bedtime (hers, not mine). Naomi, however, had most certainly not. I came into our room for some reason or another after Naomi had been put to bed. Out of the blue, she looked up and confronted me:

“You are WRONG, Talia. Snow White is NOT a stupid Diz-uny princess. She is certainly not stupid, because she has a pretty dress on and so she CAN’T  be stupid. And I do not know what Diz-uny is, but Snow White is NOT Diz-uny. You are Diz-uny.”

Yes, folks, somehow, my sister does not know what Disney is. I suppose it’s because she hasn’t seen any of the Princess-related movies, despite having them on her slippers and toothbrush. Not being a particular fan of the Disney Princesses, I don’t particularly mind.

This is NOT to say I think all Disney is stupid. As I have previously mentioned, I am a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan. I have seen both Narnia films in theaters, at least, even if I don’t love them. I also really enjoy the Pixar films, which have Disney’s logo on them at least. Actually, WALL*E is perhaps the one “Diz-uny” movie that Naomi has watched. And Naomi loves WALL*E. When she watched it, she sat rooted to one spot, her cheeks getting gradually pinker and pinker. Afterwards, she looked up at me and said, “I loved that Wall-e movie. Every time I saw that Wall-e robot come, I would smile at him!”

Am I cruel enough to inform my poor, blissfully ignorant sister that WALL*E is “Diz-uny” too?



  1. I fear this entry does not show either of my daughters in a good light.

  2. I think it displays the genuine affection Talia has for that small sister, who must be a nuisance often, although Talia doesn’t declare her to be. Talia had declared her feet not “needing slippers” or perhaps I could have found some Diz-uny slippers in her size too! Today Talia would like to toss a pair of slippers at Naomi for waking her on a vacation day. Oh, to again be a teen able to sleep through everything and have always warm feet!

  3. I laughed out loud. An honest, well written and humorous portrayal of sisterly banter.

  4. I believe it’s been well-established that Talia has a particularly sensitive “instrument” for detecting vanity. And who can doubt that the needles swing WAY over on the dial when Naomi is wearing a new dress or new slippers or a new hairdo or…..

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