Posted by: mattcolvin | March 1, 2009

Raised Garden Beds

I spent most of yesterday cutting lumber and using deck screws to put together these six 4x8x1′ garden beds.

We found 2×12″x12′ lumber on sale at Lowe’s for $8.50 apiece, which gave us a cost of about $19/box — hard to beat. I needed only two boards for each box, since I was able to get both a long side and a short one out of each board. (Had a fun time using my mitre saw, too — arh, arh, arh!) With the boards being 2x thick, we are hoping to get away without bracing the long sides in the middle.

Aedan spent some time this afternoon applying sealant/stain to them.

I’ll let Sora blog about all the yummy things that are going to go in them. We just got a wheelbarrow, but I’ve asked Sora to hold off on ordering dirt until my sore muscles have recovered from wrestling with the 2×12’s.

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