Posted by: mattcolvin | March 22, 2009

Feed Me!

Hosanna cannot be allowed to feed herself yogurt, lest she besmear herself. So I have to spoon-feed her:


Unfortunately, the rate at which I spoon-feed her isn’t constant. I sometimes give her a bite of yogurt, then eat one myself. And when that happens, a little Peanut finds it necessary to give Daddy some signal to indicate that she is ready for another bite. And this is what the signal is:




  1. Bring that plane in for a landing!

  2. Once she “gets” words, she won’t be quite so animated! Cute stuff right now. Her grandpa can’t say enough about her lately.

  3. I recognize that look. I recognize that dress. Didn’t Talia wear it long ago. Too cute.

  4. Wildlife biologists theorize that the Goobera Minima of SW Ohio uses evaporative cooling from its oversize tongue to regulate body temperature. Competing theories include courtship display or some as-yet undeciphered nonverbal communication.

  5. When Rich was a baby his mother would line up all the food he was going to get at that meal, then she would start shoveling it in as fast as she could. When his grandmother protested, his mom said, “Watch.” She spooned in one bite and waited. Rich swallowed (partially), started yelling for more, and then began choking! He still eats pretty fast to this day!

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