Posted by: mattcolvin | March 22, 2009

Hosanna’s first sentence

Hosanna came out with her longest utterance to date today. As we were headed out the door for a walk, she brought Sora one of her little red shoes (the other was in the van), and grunted in her babyish way to have them put on her.

Sora, eager to be on her way, patiently explained, “No, Zanna dear, you’re already wearing your little black shoes. See? You’re already ready to go.”

Hosanna looked up and said, by way of patient explanation, “I don’t want those black shoes.” Her enunciation wasn’t great, but it was clear enough.

So Sora fetched the missing red shoe from the van, and I put both on her.

Those who know the tiny Peanut will not be at all surprised that her first full sentence was about shoes.

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