Posted by: sorac | April 3, 2009

more garden notes

I finally got time today to plant the beets and mache that I planned to plant a week ago. One of the six large (4×8) beds is now completely planted with mesclun, kale, chard, tatsoi, beets, mache, peas at one end and onions all around the outside edge. There are more peas at the ends of two other beds, everything else is waiting for warmer weather. It has been a very rainy week. The tulips are all opening and there are violets all over the yard. Just got notice that my nursery order shipped so there will be some serious planting happening next week! The fruit trees planted last fall are all starting to leaf out. I’m a lot happier with the results of my pruning / training the apple and pear trees (central leader) than the peach trees which are supposed to be open-center. I know what I’m aiming for but not seeing exactly how to get there. Will see how they grow this year I guess and go from there. I also need a better set-up for starting seeds next year. The sunroom gets light all day and warms up nicely when the sun is shining on it but gets too cold at night.


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