Posted by: sorac | April 8, 2009

more plants in the ground

The Raintree nursery order arrived this afternoon, and (with some help from Matt after supper) I managed to get all the plants in the ground before dark. The middle raised bed closer to the house is now planted with Tri Star (day neutral) strawberries, with a row of Jersey Knight asparagus along the west side. The middle raised bed farther from the house has Earliglow (June bearing) strawberries and purple asparagus. (Needed to get that down so I know which ones are which in June! I need to pinch the runners and first blossoms off the Tri Stars.) Also planted today: five rugosa alba roses, 6 blueberries, a raspberry, 3 blackcurrants, 2 plum trees, an apple tree, a cherry tree, and a pear tree (without a partridge). To do in the next few days: mulch strawberries, put up supports for the peas, and take pictures!

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