Posted by: mattcolvin | July 26, 2009

Older and Younger Sisters

Talia is in Canada until shortly before school starts. I wrote her an email to update her on life here at home:

We were sitting at dinner tonight when Naomi piped up, “I want some tea.” I raised an eyebrow and didn’t do anything. Then she got up, filled her little green plastic teapot with water, came back to her seat, and poured some into her cup. She then sipped it in a way that nothing is ever sipped except pretend tea by little girls. The look on her face said clearly, “I can get away with this ridiculousness, and Talia isn’t here to dress me down for it.”

Just thought you should know.


Talia wrote me back:

Oh dear. That is absolutely dreadful. See what happens when I’m not around to point her in the correct directions? I fear there is no hope for that child.
Love you

In light of this, I thought I’d post an old picture of Talia from when she was almost exactly Naomi’s age:

tea party2

Yes, that is exactly the same look that was on Naomi’s face. And no, the tea wasn’t real back in 2001 either.

I wonder what Naomi will think of Hosanna when she is 5-going-on-6?



  1. Oh, what a sweet little face.

  2. She seems a bit short on dolls, don’t you agree?

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