Posted by: mattcolvin | August 29, 2009

Ron Paul Coins

Since donating to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign last fall, and going door to door for him, Sora and I have found ourselves on the mailing list of the Campaign for Liberty, a libertarian and constitutionalist organization that is, frankly, pretty annoying with its constant poorly-produced mailings asking for money and trying to drum up hype and excitement. (The things Ron Paul’s supporters did in the 2008 race were exciting, but that level of excitement can’t be sustained over a longer period.) Most of the time I throw their mailings away and delete their emails unread.

But I was tempted — that is all — by the most recent one. It seems that the Freedom Mint has produced a Ron Paul silver round:
RPSF2It sells for $50 for a 1.6 oz round, so I’m going to pass. (I don’t buy precious metals, but a little research appears to indicate that silver is at $14 or $15/oz right now.) Nonetheless the idea of having a Ron Paul coin tickles me, particularly one that says “Audit the Federal Reserve.” It’s also available in gold (1.6 oz for $2000) and copper (27g, $8).

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