Posted by: mattcolvin | October 13, 2009

What shall be done for the man whom the king delights to honor?

Yesterday, I rewarded Ezekiel and Naomi for their good grades on the previous 6 weeks’ Mars Hill Academy progress report. I got a little help from my friend Dan from church.

At 3:05, the office, in the midst of calling other carpool numbers, summoned Ezekiel over the public address system with these words: “Ezekiel Colvin to the Dodge Viper in the carpool lane.” Most of the high school male population came running to see.

Dan then proceeded to Graeter’s, where the four of us had ice cream cones and talked about cars and good grades.

What I liked most about the whole thing was Dan’s obvious enjoyment in sharing his car with others. He just likes making kids’ days by appearing in his Viper.



  1. Certain details are fuzzy. Ezekiel got a ride to Graeter’s in the Viper? And Matt and Naomi ran alongside the car?

  2. I took her in my Lamborghini later.

  3. sweet license plate 🙂

  4. Wonderful!

  5. Oh, YOU are a cool Dad. Of course, Dan is a cool friend. We love Dan!!

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