Posted by: mattcolvin | December 29, 2009

More Theology coming

I used to blog a lot of theology, back when Federal Vision thinking was exciting and a solution to all kinds of problems that had beset me from my Lutheran upbringing. I’ve dialed back for a number of reasons: most important, I’m no longer in the PCA or any other presybterian church. This means that I no longer have to worry my head about that denomination’s factions and their mutual bitings and devourings. Second, I attend an Anglican church, but I don’t really care that much about Anglicanism as such, so I haven’t traded Presby problems for Anglican ones. My church is peaceful and we all love each other, and there aren’t any nasty factions. It’s a beautiful thing. Third, I don’t have as much time as I used to. That’s gradually changing for the better, however, as my kids get older. They require less watching and my interactions with them are (mostly) more enjoyable. Fourth, I used to be a vociferous advocate of certain controversial views (quiverfull, paedocommunion, etc.), and I’ve mellowed a bit.

But a friend of mine, Mr. Musselman, reminded me over a beer yesterday that he used to check my blog first for theology, that he really loved reading what I had to say, but that I don’t seem to write any of that stuff anymore. I thought to myself, “He’s right. I should do it more.” And another mentioned that one of my old posts on the folly of pitting the church against the family had been used as an antidote to Rich Lusk’s paper on “The Church and Her Rivals.” I went back and looked at what I’d written and found that I still agreed with most of it.

It’s not that I’ve stopped thinking. It’s that I’ve done most of my thinking privately now.

So I’m going to do more theological blogging. I’ll put up more Greek New Testament notes and my notes for my upcoming study on 1 Kings as I produce them. I’ll post thoughts that are provoked by discussions in my MHA classes and the TREC men’s Bible study. I’ll refrain from sparring with tar babies, or engaging in controversy for controversy’s sake. I want this space to be useful to others, not aggravating.


  1. Good! I wish Rich would do more writing now.

  2. Don’t forget your delving into Daube. I’m torn between wanting you to blog and wanting you to write the layman’s version of Daube. Maybe you could do both…

  3. I’m so glad to find you’re back to blogging. I too loved your gleanings from Daube and would appreciate more of them.

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