Posted by: mattcolvin | February 26, 2010

Who said it?

No googling, please. Who said this? “Regeneration is such a radical, pervasive, and efficacious transformation that it immediately registers itself in the conscious activity of the person concerned in the exercise of faith and repentance and new obedience.”

Was it…
A. Ligon Duncan
B. John MacArthur
C. Jonathan Edwards
D. John Piper
E. Charles Spurgeon
F. R. C. Sproul
G. Norman Shepherd


  1. I’m voting Chuck Spurgeon. Rationale: most baptists I know have no qualms calling Xians to obedience.

  2. Sorry, no.

  3. Sounds like either Jim Jordan or Norm Shepherd to me. So, since Jim’s not on your list, it’s got to be Norm.

  4. Duncan likes using ‘conscious activity’

    But maybe piper.

  5. Probably Shepherd; he’s the one who stands out from the rest on that list.

  6. Well I’d say [G.]but I’d be accused of insider information!.

  7. It’s Shep, from the 34 Theses on Justification.

    I disagree with it, by the way, since I don’t necessarily think that such a transformation happens to every true believer, nor that when it does happen it necessarily registers itself in the consciousness of the person concerned. I think God can do it any way He likes, and He likes lots of different ways.

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