Posted by: mattcolvin | June 14, 2010

Questions on Isaiah

I’m teaching through Isaiah for our church’s adult Sunday school. Here are discussion questions on Isaiah 1-5:

Questions on ch. 1:
1. Why is it important for Isaiah to tell us the names of the kings during whose reign he saw his vision?

2. What is the difference between Judah and Sodom/Gomorrah?

3. What is the relationship between right worship and right conduct? (1:10-17)

4. What is the controlling metaphor for YHWH’s relationship with Judah? Is this still the metaphor in the New Testament?

5. Hippies love to sing about the vision of peace in 2:1-5. What is the condition on which this peace will be given?

6. What is the relationship between idolatry and the image of God? (2:8-9; 20-21)

Questions on ch. 3-5:

1. How were 3:1-5 fulfilled in the history of the kings of Judah?

2. What is the sin of the leaders of Judah? (3:13-16) How does this apply in our day?

3. What Biblical parallels can you think of for 4:5? And what is the meaning of the imagery of a covering?

4. What is the lawsuit in 5:1-7? What is the evidence in the case? What is the implied judgment? What is the sentence?

5. Sum up the way Isaiah characterizes the Gentiles whom God “whistles up” to judge His people.

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