Posted by: mattcolvin | June 30, 2010

Questions on Isaiah 10-15

Questions on Isaiah 10-15

1. What is the basic relationship between YHWH and Assyria? (ch. 10)
2. What consequences does this have for the proper attitude that Assyria ought to have toward YHWH? What attitude does Assyria actually have?
3. Can you find parallel verses and phrases in the episode of Sennacherib’s invasion (Isaiah 36)?
4, Notice the transition between 10:34 and 11:1. What’s the difference between Lebanon and Judah?
5. Make a list of the characteristics of Judah’s future king’s administration. Make an effort to translate the poetic imagery into prose descriptions: e.g. “peace”, “justice”.
6. What will happen to the bodies of water in 11:15? What emotional connotations are conjured up by the comparison of 16?
7. So far in Isaiah, we have been presented with the constant alternatives of trust in YHWH vs. a foreign policy of fear and unfaith. In light of this dichotomy, what is the rhetorical purpose of chapter 12?

(We will go quickly through 13-15.) Some general questions:
8. What does “Babylon” stand for here? Consider especially 14:25.
9. What do these chapters have to say about you accepting Jesus as your personal savior?
10. What might the United States consider about its own status in light of these chapters?


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