Posted by: mattcolvin | March 4, 2011

Gallows Humor

Context: this conversation followed Sora’s crazy Friday after being called to two births in 24 hours:

Matt: “Honey, are you still up for going to my parents’ on Sunday for cards and Chinese food?”
Sora: “Sure. Standard disclaimer applies.”
Matt: “You mean…”
Sora: “As long as nobody’s having a baby.”
Matt (trying to be funny): “Honey, every 2 seconds, a woman in China has a baby.”
Sora: “But I’m not her midwife.”
(Then we both crack up as we thinking about some poor midwife having to catch the constant stream of babies popping out of this legendary Chinese woman.)



  1. This is the (very) old joke about overpopulation, and how to deal with it: “Somewhere in the world a woman is giving birth every 30 seconds. Our job is to find that woman, and stop her!”

    Just yesterday, the issue of Paraprosdokian humor (one of my favorite flavours) came up on the English Language & Usage forum:

    • Yes, that joke was in the background of our exchange.

      Do you know what paraprosdokian literally means?

      • Only thanks to Wikipedia, not from the benefit of a classical education.

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