Posted by: mattcolvin | June 18, 2011

Home Again

After a very enjoyable 10 days with Sora’s parents in Victoria, BC and a very blessed time at the ACCS conference in Atlanta, we are back home.

I am very thankful. I’m thankful to Mickey and Robin for hosting us in BC. Six Eight extra people in a house is no small undertaking, and they loved us in word and deed while we were there. Lots of beaches, lots of grandkids, and lots of contract bridge in the evenings.

I’m thankful to my own parents for taking the four youngest kids while we were in Atlanta.

We were blessed materially by the Haunted Bookshop in Sidney, BC, where we found books by Arthur Ransome and Dorothy Sayers, and a beautiful hardback set of the two-volume MacMillan commentary on Homer’s Odyssey. I’ll use it with my kids some day, I hope.

We did a lot of traveling by Ferry, plane, and car. It is remarkable what good travelers our kids are. The youngest four were real champs during the trip from Seattle to Columbus. Our flight had connections in Los Angeles and Detroit. At Detroit, we arrived on the ground AFTER the schedule departure time for our connection, and we all had to run half a mile to another terminal. We made it, thanks to brave running by Isaiah, Naomi, and Ezekiel. (I ended up carrying Hosanna and 3 carry-on bags for the last half of the run.)

When we got home, we had about an hour to caulk the bathtub, pack our kids up, and take them to my parents’ house so Sora and I could drive to Atlanta.

The ACCS conference was a fun time. I really enjoyed the talks by George Grant and Voddie Baucham, who are the two models of oratory I wish I could emulate. I also enjoyed discussion sessions on Latin teaching and integrated humanities. Most of all, I enjoyed time with Sora. We reread Sayers’ Strong Poison and Gaudy Night during our many hours in the car over the last two weeks.

We had dinner the last night of the conference with Herb Melton, Lance Harris, and some of the faculty of Covenant Classical Academy in Louisville, KY. It was nice to swap views and share curriculum ideas with their humanities teachers, especially Jason (last name escapes me).

Saturday morning, I gave a talk entitled “Practical Tips on Senior Thesis.” it seemed to be well received, and I had a fun time doing it. I’m thankful to Tom Spencer and Patch Blakey for inviting me.

But after all that travel, it is now great to be home in my own house. Thank you, Erin, for cleaning and organizing. It looks very nice, and poses a great challenge to us to keep it that way. Thanks to the Brinkerhoffs for mowing our lawn.

I just enjoyed a hot shower with magnificent water pressure in our well-tiled bathtub surround, complete with the new caulk that we let cure while we were in Atlanta. (And unlike the junky caulk we had the first time, this stuff did cure.)

And now I’m about to go to sleep in my very own bed. Tomorrow I’ll get up and bring everyone to church for breakfast.

Good night!



  1. Can’t resist the temptation to pick a nit. Out of the eight people in your family, which six were the “extra” ones in Mickey and Robin’s house?

  2. We loved having our grandkids here, but indeed their were eight of you Colvins, plus on occasion 4 other cousins and their mamas- full house indeed. Thank you for bringing them. We are so blessed with such wonderful grandchildren. Talia and Aedan were a pleasure on their extra days at the end ( and so quiet compared to their siblings. 🙂

  3. Happy Father’s Day

  4. Such traveling is one of the only reason not to have as many pets as we do.
    Glad you had good times!

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