Posted by: mattcolvin | August 9, 2011

Book of Kells Online

We interrupt our usual doctrinal spat to make your day a little more sublime with the Book of Kells, that best of all manuscripts.

I was clicking around on the web and found facsimile photos of the whole book, at this website. The interface is a bit confusing, but you can blow up the pages to see all the details (1697 x 2273 px), and the site has the entire book. Gotta love the internet!

Here’s my own attempt to do a page from the book, for the cover of Talia’s birthday card this year:



  1. Very nice! Jay and I are wondering what kinds of pens/markers/? you used?

  2. It’s Speedball acrylic calligraphy ink with metal dipping nibs. Black outlines with a Parker 51 fountain pen filled with Parker Quink.

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