Posted by: mattcolvin | January 3, 2012

Do Not Despise These Little Ones

January 3-4 – Matthew 18

18:10 – Jesus’ warning not to despise “these little ones” bases itself on the fact that “their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.”

This is a remarkable statement. It is introduced with “Take heed” or “See to it that” (ορατε) — a minatory opening. The same chapter has given us the warning about the millstone and the sea that await anyone who stumbles one of these little ones.

I suggest that 18:10 is also concerned with another aspect of 18:5-6 – representation. The child or slave or other “little one’ is a representative of Jesus, and to be received in His name.

The verb “to despise” (καταφρονεω) is the same verb Paul uses to tell Timothy, “let no one despite you on account of your youth.” There, as here, the issue is the representative relationship that must not be set at nought,


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