Posted by: mattcolvin | April 23, 2012

Luther on Languages

“Without the original languages we could not have received the gospel. Languages are the scabbard that contains the sword of the Spirit. They are the casket which contains the priceless jewels of antique thought. They are the vessel that holds the wine. If the languages had not made me positive as to the true meaning of the Word, I might have still remained a chained monk, engaged in quietly preaching Romish errors in the obscurity of a cloister. No sooner did men cease to cultivate the languages, than Christendom declined, but no sooner was this torch relighted, than this papal owl fled with a shriek! If we neglect the literature, we shall eventually lose the gospel!” – Martin Luther

From this excellent post about the goal and use of seminary education. (HT: + Wm. Klock for pointing me to it.)


  1. Matt,

    Thanks for posting that link to Jim Hamilton’s post. That is a wonderful way to think about seminary.

  2. ¿De dónde es la cita de Martín Lutero?

  3. (Me interesa saber cómo es en alemán)-

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