Posted by: mattcolvin | February 18, 2013

Sporadically Blogging the Lectionary

I was about to blog about Joseph and Potiphar’s wife today. It was the morning OT reading in the REC Lectionary for the first Monday in Lent. But then I went and checked on my archives and saw that I had already blogged the same ideas last year. I was delighted to hear my son Ezekiel during our discussion of the passage in family worship this morning. He made some of the same connections I did, and shows a good ability to spot significant details and make connections between similar narratives.

The longer I go, the more useful the archives of this blog become. It is to the point where I can use this blog as notes for classes I teach.

One of my goals in becoming a missionary was to free myself to do more reading and writing. I’m already having to be quite deliberate about defending that time.

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