Posted by: mattcolvin | March 6, 2013

Silent on a bench

“In movies and magazines the ‘icon’ of marriage is always a youthful couple. But once, in the light and warmth of an autumn afternoon, is writer saw, on the bench of a public square, a poor Parisian suburb, an old and poor couple. They were sitting hand-in-hand in silence, enjoying the pale light, the last warmth of the season. In silence: all words had been said, all passion exhausted, all storms at peace. The whole life was behind, yet all of it was now present, in this silence, in this light, in this warmth, in this silent unity of hands. Present – and ready for eternity, ripe for joy. This to me remains the vision of marriage, of its heavenly beauty.” – Alexander Schmemann, For the Life of the World

I can’t improve on this. I can only miss my wife, who is away on Luzon right now while I’m on Mindanao. Be safe, Sora, and come back on Monday.


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