Posted by: mattcolvin | July 3, 2013

Dream from 2005

I recently posted about the forthcoming UBS Biblia Graeca containing the LXX and NA28. I mentioned that I had wished for such a book before. I had forgotten that I had actually DREAMED about it. Here’s the post from 2005:


This is easily the weirdest dream I have ever had.

I dreamed that my wife knew Greek, and that the two of us had landed a summer job at a special program run by the United Bible Societies. I have no idea where the kids were, but Sora and I were at this very posh Biblical studies library somewhere in Germany, attending a special program, where we were told that it was our job to translate something from the Septuagint. We were also going to lead a seminar of other scholars, and for this purpose, it was absolutely requisite that we make a papier-maché iguana, painted gold. Which we did. I have no idea what the use of it was.

Perhaps the most bizarre moment of the dream was when I turned to look at a shelf in the UBS facility’s library, and saw a whole bunch of leatherette editions of the Bible in various dead languages. Most were familiar to me — the burgundy Greek New Testament, the green Vulgate, and the blue Ralhfs Septuagint. But one was new and strange. Unlike all the others, it was not just one color, but was green with a small purple stripe along the bottom, like the border on a Roman senator’s toga. I picked it off the shelf, and read the title: “Biblia Sacra Graeca Utriusque Testamenti, Septuaginta et Novum Testamentum continens.” I was overjoyed! It was my dream Bible — the Septuagint and GNT bound together in one volume. (Why doesn’t UBS actually publish such a book? It’d be a simple matter to make it, right?)


But my joy turned to dismay when I looked closer. This book was not thick enough to contain both the LXX and GNT. I opened the cover. Inside the book was only a Greek New Testament… and a Greek translation of the Westminster Standards! It was like something out of a horror movie. I dropped the offending volume in shock, and it fell to the floor in slow-motion, like the coffee mug at the end of “The Usual Suspects.”

The dream ended there, so I can’t say what happened next.



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