Posted by: mattcolvin | April 2, 2014

Visit to Davao Crocodile Park

After more than a year living here, we finally made it to one of the most popular attractions in the city. This park used to be the home of Lolong, the largest saltwater crocodile on record, but she died last year. There is still a sizable specimen in Pangil (“Fang”), and we watched him consume a whole pig (OK, two half pigs).


For me, the main attraction was the big constrictors: the park is home to many giant pythons, of both the Burmese and reticulated varieties. Here I am fulfilling Mark 16:18:


Other guests at the park were less happy, perhaps because they encountered larger snakes:

There were, however, some less intimidating creatures, like these painted turtles:


And this very handsome Philippine eagle:


Isaiah gave a high five to this lion:


No Colvin kids or stuffed owls were harmed in this shot:


My daily swimming regimen has been paying off with added vascularity:


Naomi doesn’t seem too concerned.



Hosanna is very sweet.



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