Posted by: mattcolvin | July 1, 2014

Cranmer on Confirmation

From The Remains of Thomas Cranmer, vol. 2

[Some Queries and Answers concerning Confirmation]

1. Whether confirmation be institute by Christ? (Cotton lib.)
Responsio. (Cleop. E. v. fol. 83.) There is no place in Scripture that declareth this sacrament to be institute of Christ.
First, for the places alleged for the same be no institutions, but acts and deeds of the apostles.
Second, those acts were done by a special gift given to the apostles for the confirmation of God’s word at that time.
Third, the said special gift doth not now remain with the successors of the apostles.
2. What is the external sign?
The church useth chrisma for the exterior sign, but the Scripture maketh no mention thereof.
3. What is the efficacy of this sacrament?
The bishop in the name of the church doth invocate the Holy Ghost to give strength and constancy, with other spiritual gifts, unto the person confirmed: so that the efficacy of this sacrament is of such value, as is the prayer of the bishop made in the name of the church.
Hæc respondeo, salvo semper eruditiorum et ecclesiæ orthodoxæ judicio.

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