Posted by: mattcolvin | October 9, 2017

Mom of Constant Laundry

Many years ago, my wife recorded a parody of “Man of Constant Sorrow” from O Brother Where Art Thou. It’s called “Mom of Constant Laundry”. I posted it on my old blog, but the link got broken, so I am posting it again. You can download it here


  1. I remember this! I still sing it sometimes, but I’d forgotten the words to the verses. Thanks for sharing it again.

  2. My mother is addicted to reminders, and sets different songs for the countless reminders she sets every day in her phone. Your wife’s cover is one of the reminders, so I’ve heard it every week for I don’t know how many years. Last week it went off while we were in the car and we just started singing the whole song. I thought your wife might get a kick out of that. It’s a hilarious song. Lol

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